The Superpower of Gratitude

I love a good icebreaker ! I have participated in countless of them since arriving on the campus of Penn State Harrisburg as a first year student . My favorite one is when you ask your participants to answer the prompt , “if you could have any superpower , what would it be and why?” . The answers to this question always provokes me to think and I have gained much insight about what is important to my colleagues outside of their respective roles . The overwhelming majority of people choose invisibility or superior intelligence as their superpower . I like those chooses but I believe they may be hard to obtain in real life . There is however a superpower that you and I have that will change the way we live , work and lead in the world . The superpower is gratitude .

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation notes that gratitude can ,

  1. reduce stress and play a major role in overcoming trauma .
  2. foster resilience in times of despair.
  3. help in the development of healing and coping tools.

To get started in developing this superpower , use the “ Gratitude Ping Pong” activity below .

Imaged provided by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Dr. Marcellus C. Taylor is a Co-Founder and CEO of Blossburg & Cedar LLC , a leadership and learning consultancy firm based in Harrisburg, PA.