There is a real splendor in vision casting. Putting elements of your experience , ideas and wisdom from coaches together into a unified image truly if like no other process we may engage in our lives. If I am being honest my favorite part of being an entrepreneur is working with other entrepreneurs as they wrestle with directional focus and futuristic plans for the success of thier respective organizations . As a new organization advisor I often ask new entrepreneurs to explain their desired state of being in one year , three years and five years . I have heard amazing forecast of profit numbers , people impacted and completed creative projects .

After I ask about the destiny I always require them to work on a pitch deck . A pitch deck is a short presentation, often developed using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, used to provide your audience with a snapshot of your business plan. Where are you in the development process of your new idea ? TODAY , take time to create a pitch deck for your new idea . I can ensure you that a pitch deck will help you bring order to the chaotic nature of newness .