Keep Your Head To The Sky

I was among the nearly one million viewers watching the soulful Versus battle between Earth ,Wind & Fire and the Isley Brothers . I enjoyed the trip down memory lane . I recalled the countless summer block parties , the water-ice ( In my philly accent ) , pretzels , opened fire hydrants and line dancing . While I will refrain from giving my opinion on who won the battle , I will say I can understand the many reasons ( see what I did there? ) for choosing one group over the other. Overall, I enthusiastically agree with the manifold perspective that this was the best Versus to date . One of the songs chosen for the battle was “ Keep Your Head To The Sky” by Earth ,Wind & Fire . Becasue I am a hope practicioner the lyrics speaks to me in a multifaceted way.

“Master told me one day
I’d find peace in every way,
but in search for the clue
wrong things I was bound to do

Keep my head to the sky
for the clouds to tell me why
As I grew with strength
Master kept me as I repent

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky

Gave me the will to be free
purpose to live is reality
Found myself never alone
changes come to make me strong

Step right up, be a man
You need faith to understand
so we’re saying for you to hear
Keep your head in faith’s atmosphere

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky”

The idea of keeping one’s head to the sky is a theory and practice of hope. A hope found in willing yourself to feel the weight of the ground and still decide to see the beauty of the clouds . Today you must embrace a practice often found in the childhood stage of life , cloud watching . In cloud watching you 1) identify a cloud in the sky , 2) reflect on its shape and 3) keep your eyes afixed on the cloud. I want to offer the same methodology for your leadership practice . First, identify the clouds ( the high ideals and dreams you aspire to reach ) . Next , clearly describe the intricate details of the clouds ( this involves setting goals , constructing mission , vision and value statements and other creative supporting structures for your idea). Finally, keepyour eyes on the cloud ( your bold and beautiful goal ).