10 Questions You Can Ask To Create a Culture of Dignity

I love a good question ! In my estimation , good questions provoke transformation , innovation and community . The work of dignity aims to spotlight the inherent value of each individual and centers that value as prominent to all interactions . In order to create a culture of dignity we must ask dynamic questions . Here is my list of questions that I believe you should ask yourself , your team(s) and your organization(s) to create a culture of dignity .

  1. How do I/we define dignity ?
  2. Why is dignity important for our team and/or organization ?
  3. What is the biggest impact that a greater emphasis on dignity could have on our team or organization ?
  4. What examples of dignity ascribing will we use as a reference for our work ?
  5. What are the anchors that support our dignity work ?
  6. What education is needed to level set our team and/or organization’s dignity knowledge ?
  7. How will you communicate the changes implemented because of your commitment to dignity ?
  8. Who will serve on your dignity steering team ?
  9. How will progress in the work of dignity be monitored ?
  10. What is the best case scenario if you get total buy-in from every member of the team and/or organization ?

Dr. Marcellus C. Taylor is a Co-Founder and CEO of Blossburg & Cedar LLC , a leadership and learning consultancy firm based in Harrisburg, PA.